I have been writing and listening to music all of my life and I find there is no other art form like it. No matter who you are, what your vocation may be, where you come from or how old you are, there is a soundtrack to your life. It is a unique collection of songs that illicit specific memories; both happy and sad, making up the whole of your life.

Over the years I have written songs for myself, for loved ones, for strangers and for pay. But always, I have written because I have no choice. I must. A song shows up as a seed in my artist brain and it keeps knocking away at me until I let it in, nurture it, feed it and help it to grow. I love the process. I love the experience of creating something from just a word, an idea or a feeling. I am constantly adding to my life's soundtrack.

There is no bigger compliment than knowing that a song I wrote touched someone's life or made a difference in their day.  Isn't that why we are all here? To connect with each other, soul to soul, heart to heart? To make the world a bit smaller and warmer?

What does your life's soundtrack sound like? Hopefully it is constantly playing; even just one small note in your day. And maybe, just maybe, it includes some of the same songs mine does. Hmm, the world seems smaller already. 

Thanks for listening.
K a t h r y n   Pr i e s t l e y